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The Center

This building has a legacy that precedes our practice. For more than 30 years our community has benefited by having a birth center in Reading. Birth center midwives have assisted in over 11,000 births. Many of them were born in this beloved building. We are honored to continue providing compassionate care at the Kenhorst location.
*Orientation nights with tours occur every other Monday evening. Contact office to attend. 

parking for birth center, birth center parking
Birth Center sign.jpeg

Our center is located just two miles from Reading Hospital. 

front door_edited.jpg

The front porch door is used when coming in for appointments. 

There is a small parking area behind the building, or you can utilize street parking on the surrounding streets. 

birth room_edited.jpg

When in labor, patients can go directly into the birth rooms through either of the two private fenced in garden areas around back. 

waiting room.jpeg

The waiting room. 

birth room, birthing room, bed

Our birth rooms have beds, rocking chairs, and access to private garden and bathrooms. 

exam room, GYN exam, annual exam

We have two exam rooms. 

birth room, bed, birth place

The second birth room. 

birth ball, midwife tools

Our patients are provided with a birth ball, birthing stool, and other tools of the trade for comfort during labor. 

water birth, birth tub, birth room

We have a birth tub available for use*, which is a popular comfort measure and also one of the few water birth options in our area. *small fee applies for tub use

A special thank you to Olivia Mayo Photography for our location photos!

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