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The Reading Midwife Center offers educational opportunities for our families. We have orientation for out-of-hospital birth for all our clients. Additionally, we have listed here some options for other classes and resources* you can utilize to prepare for your birth experience. 


It is required that birth center clients take the Early Home Care class.  

It is recommended that everyone take a childbirth class and breastfeeding class as well. 

*As not all these resources are not all created and managed by the Reading Midwife Center, we cannot guarantee that we are in agreement with all the information that is being taught. This is not an extensive list, but it is included to give you a starting point for finding a good fit for your family's educational needs. 

Childbirth Classes and Support


In-Person Childbirth Class:

  • Jodie Whitcombe is a childbirth educator and doula. Her childbirth class is held at our center. It covers what to expect in the stages of labor, and comfort measures from a wholistic birth philosophy. Fee is $75.

Friday February 2nd, 5:30-8:30pm

Thursday March 7th, 5:30-8:30pm

Thursday April 4th, 5:30-8:30pm

Thursday May 2nd, 5:30-8:30pm (repeats monthly)

Visit her webpage to register or see more options:

  • Lily Werley is a childbirth educator who has over 20 years of experience. She teaches small, cozy classes in her home. E-mail Lily for all class listings and to register:


  • Brittany McCollum is a childbirth educator well known in the Philadelphia area and offers virtual class options for many topics including but not limited to: childbirth, infant care, breastfeeding, and pelvic floor health. Her classes can be found on her webpage:

Breastfeeding Classes and Support


  • Breastfeeding Class: Kasey Phifer-Byrne, RN, IBCLC offers in-person classes at our center monthly for $25. Please contact the office for her schedule.  


Early Home Care

  • Early Home Care covers newborn and postpartum care for out-of-hospital birth. It is held at the center every other Wednesday at 6pm. Contact the office to sign up.



  • Are you a birth center client or interested in becoming one? Join us for an orientation night! These are held every other Monday night. Please call the office to schedule. 



1st and 3rd Fridays 10:15-11:30am

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