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Testimonials and Stories

To submit your own testimonial or story to be added please e-mail Jodie at with written permission to share your story on the webpage/social media.

"I was treated by both Tammy and Lucy specifically for my last pregnancy. 


Tammy is a very gentle and caring person very personable and spends time with you and answers your questions/concerns! 


Lucy delivered my last little one a few days ago, and when I saw her or she would be on call she explained everything very in detail to why she was doing what she did. Also makes you feel like you are in charge during delivery. She’s a very gentle person very patient and really gets to know her patients on a personable level! Both are very passionate about their jobs."  - Courtney W.

"From my very first ever “GYN” routine appointment to my appointments now, Lucy has always made me feel very comfortable, safe, & important all the while maintaining great patient care and medical expertise.


While Lucy was not the midwife who delivered my babies, she remains to be my “favorite” midwife and one whom I schedule as many appointments as possible with. When I think of what makes Lucy so unique, it would have to be her caring, soft-spoken nature. She never makes me feel uncomfortable and is always very gentle in all gyn checkup care she administers. 

Though I have had only a few interactions with Tammy, I can tell she has a sunny personality that brings cheer into the room wherever she goes!"  -Rachel N.

"This was my third labor but my first one at home, and while I felt prepared there was still a little self doubt on whether I could do it.  I was in contact with Lucy throughout the day keeping her updated on my progress, and when my contractions were too painful to talk through,  she headed over.


After her arrival,  she checked my progress and let my husband and I labor together while she stood by. The entire experience was so intimate. I was able to lean on my husband. She let me take the lead in my own labor, encouraging me and empowering me. She gave me so much strength. 


After about 3 hours of Lucy being there solo, Tammy came to assist. I really felt like I had the Dream Team of midwives. Seriously, there isn't a better pair. Lucy is so supportive and gentle, while Tammy was more of a coach, guiding me to change positions and push. They made me feel like I was completely in control of my body and there wasn't anything I couldn't do.


My son was born after 4 hours of active labor, and thanks to Lucy and Tammy's masterful skills, even though he was my biggest baby,  I didn't tear at all. One of the most magical parts of my entire experience was when my oldest daughter came in shortly after his birth. She got to watch her baby brother get examined and weighed for the first time and thats a memory she will have the rest of her life.


The entire experience of having a home birth was something that you can only understand if you go through it. The amount of love and support you feel throughout the entire process is immeasurable.


More recently I have a forth pregnancy that devastatingly ended in a miscarriage. When I came into the birth center Lucy was there. She hugged me and cried with me and comforted  for my loss. She also talked about how beautiful my sons birth was, and that she would never forget it. I'm not sure how many patients she has, but on that day, when I needed it the most, I felt like I was the only one.


The birth center does so much more than just delivery babies. They give you choices, they give you support,  they give you confidence and most importantly they gave me an experience I'll never forget.  This might sound a little cheesy, but it was magical. I'm so grateful for what the birth center has done for me, and I truly hope it remains an option for pregnant women in our community."  -Ellen N. 

"Lucy was the midwife on call when my first son was born in June of 2019. When I arrived at the birth center and was welcomed by Lucy, I immediately felt a calming presence about her. As my labor progressed, Lucy knew just what areas to press to alleviate the pain and which positions to help my stubborn baby get into position. I ended up pushing for a horrific amount of time, but Lucy just kept encouraging me and telling me that I had what it would take to deliver this baby. She was absolutely amazing and so patient. At my 6 week check up, with all the hormones and stress of having a baby, she made me feel so cared for and made me feel like a strong mom. She was wonderful!"

-Alexis  W.

"Lucy delivered my second child (both were born at the birth center). I was thrilled that it was her day to be on call when I was in labor; I instantly felt calmer knowing it would be her delivering my baby. She has an amazing energy that is very gentle, kind, and soft, yet she commands the room and is confident in a way that is beautifully infectious and empowering. Through the birth process, she checked in a lot about what I wanted and what I needed. It really felt like she was there as a partner in the birth process, and her grounding presence made me feel stronger. I genuinely could not have asked for a better experience than I received with her care. I feel so lucky to have had her as a midwife, and she is truly an example of the beauty of the midwifery model.


The expert care I received from both Lucy and Tammy while pregnant was warm and genuine. I felt cared for as a woman and a human, rather than simply as a patient."

-Kelsey B.

Tammy Witmer, CMN, Certified Nurse Midwife, midwife, home birth midwife
Lucy Scearce, CMN, Lyudmila Scearce, Certified Nurse Midwife
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